Tipsy Nerds

Who are we and what the heck is the Tipsy Nerds Book Club?

We are two science-fiction/fantasy authors who love stories, craft cocktails, and especially the combination of the two. Together we have created the Tipsy Nerds Book Club, a podcast focused on highlighting great works of science fiction and fantasy while imbibing in drinks straight from or inspired by each week’s book.

The SFF genre is often overlooked in the book club setting because it is not considered “serious” or “quality literature”. We’re here to change all that and have a damn good time doing it!

A book club for Sci-Fi and Fantasy nerds—with cocktails! How refreshing.

Want to join in on the fun? We’ll make it easy.

We will let you know in advance what book we’ll be reading each week, and post recipes and tips for the cocktails we’ll feature. That way you and your geeky friends and family can mix a batch of delightful beverages to sip while you listen to Tipsy Nerds together or while having your own heated debate about which was better—the book or the movie, or who's going to end up on the iron throne, and other such nerdfest debates.

Do you love out-of-this-universe stories or heroic epics full of magic and fantastical beasts?

Do you enjoy tasty beverages, cool craft cocktails or simply kicking back and enjoying a brew on Friday night with some friends?

The “night is full of terrors,” and the world can seem overwhelming. We all need some downtime. Time to relax with a good story, a tasty libation, and a bit of whimsy and cheer.

That’s what Tipsy Nerds Book Club is all about.

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Happy reading and happy drinking!