R. S.’s 18 Reason’s to Buy Books this Holiday Season

The other day I spent at least six hours wrapping and packaging Christmas presents. No joke, six hours. For people like me who love the heck out of Christmas, it wasn’t so bad. I watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and a few Lifetime movies, and besides a crick in the neck, ended the day pretty content.

But then it cost around $100 to ship my holiday masterpieces and it got me thinking. Why didn’t I get easier things to wrap and send?

Like maybe some books…

And so inspired by my own Christmas purchasing and shipping I wanted to share my list of reasons for why books make great Christmas presents (And New Year’s!). And if you are motivated after reading this, there is still plenty of time for your bookish holiday shopping!

R. S.’s 18 Reason’s to Buy Books this Holiday Season

1. Books are easier to wrap than whatever it is you have already purchased. Books and wrapping paper go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

2. Books don’t make loud, obnoxious noises. (Yes, I know there are some with noise buttons. If you have an issue with this reason then avoid those books.)

3. Books don’t require any assembly. Even your cousin Ned can figure out how to use them.

4. Or batteries. Right out of the package, your gift is good to go!

5. Books are unisex. You don’t have to worry about colors, or what’s cool, or who else is wearing it. Books work for both boys and girls!

6. Books keep on giving. Once you finish, you can pass it on. And while apparently with music this is illegal, with literature it is not. Who isn’t still hung up on Napster? Maybe it’s just me.

7. There are no small pieces to a book. No choking. Nothing for your dog to swallow, although one of my dogs has eaten a book or two over the years…

8. Books don’t hurt when you step on them in the night. Does anyone leave books on the floor for this to happen? Maybe logistically this reason doesn’t make sense.

9. Books are cheap to mail. Seriously, they have their own CHEAP shipping rate!  This would be a good place to note that The Soul Mender is available on Amazon Prime and will even ship for FREE.

10. When you finish a book, it’s not empty. It is still full of magic and adventure. It will still be there when you want to jump back into its pages.

11. Buying books supports authors. While authors like Stephen King and J. K. Rowling give us a good name, most authors make about $0.05/hour in a good month. Buy a book and bump that average up to $0.10!

12. Books are cheaper than diamonds. And video games.

13. Books last longer than an edible arrangement.

14. Books are super low-calorie and gluten free and vegan and whatever else people are these days!

15. Books are entertaining. There’s something out there that will appeal even to those who “hate reading.” Adult coloring books? Genius idea!

16. Books are portable. They can go anywhere with you, and no one will think you are strange for having one. Except Gaston. But nobody likes him anyway.

17. Books are educational! You can feel good about giving and receiving books because every book has some sort of message, some underlying theme that is meant to make you think.

18. And best of all, books allow you to travel through time, space, and to other worlds. They introduce you to strange creatures, new adventures, and the most colorful villains and heroes.  They are a portal into all that swirls through the collective human brain. And you can hand someone the key to that portal with the gift of a book. How cool is that?