Samantha and Me, circa 1996

This week I want to share another treasure my mom dug up in the basement. Samantha and Me was written around the same time as The Crystal, circa 1996, and is the last of my many stories we've been able to locate. This "book" reads more like a journal entry than a plot driven story. However, seeing as facts and characters are completely fictitious, I'm thinking my intentions were to create another rip roaring adventure.

Not sure that's what happened...

1. A good way to date this story is to note the flowers on the cover. Almost identical to the flowers sprouting up throughout The Crystal. And I'm pretty sure I still draw flowers this way.

2. So I never had a Samantha doll. I had Josaphina, a Chinese-American girl of today, and a doll I named Kiersten that we probably got at a Walgreens. I really liked them too, so why I chose to highlight a doll I never had seems a bit unfair to the ones who put up with me...

...and I think those must be maracas.

3. So I guess I must have loved Samantha because she looked the most like me. I do love Christmas, still. And those side suns...another correlation to The Crystal.

4. I'm not sure why I decided to make the story weird for everyone at this point. I go from birthdays and Christmas to one of my best friends hating my imaginary doll (Adrienne is real. Hi, Adrienne!).

5. More weird. I do like my character's positive attitude. *Oh well* I guess I've never been one for conventional endings!