About R.S. Dabney

Now for the fun questions! Because my favorite animal is almost as important as why I write…

Where am I from? Born in Virginia. Grew up in Moab, Utah and Austin, Texas (I claim both as home). Moved a few times since then. Currently residing in the Big Bend area of West Texas. I’m a rambler who enjoys meeting new friends and discovering new places.

Favorite Color: Purple! I love the bold femininity yet strong tough tones that hold purple together. It is a perfect combination of cool, steady blue and explosive, fiery red. Best color ever!

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican. I’ve been spoiled since living along the Mexican border the last three years and have become somewhat of a Mexican food snob. Tex-Mex will do, but nothing can compete with the green chiles and fresh white cheeses in the Mexican food along the West Texas border. Yum!

Favorite Animal: Easy. Bison. If you’ve checked out any of my social media pages, you probably already knew the answer to this one! And I’m so thrilled that they’ve just named it America’s National Mammal! Majestic, tough, adorable…need I say more?

Favorite Activity: I have a lot of these. Of course I’m going to say reading and writing. I love both of those. I also really enjoy cooking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, kayaking, blah, blah, blah. Basically if it’s outdoors and not the middle of summer in Texas, I love it!

Favorite Subject In School: I actually really miss being in school. I think learning is incredibly fun and I find myself missing the stimulation of a classroom and studying for tests at times (I think it’s socially acceptable to be a nerd these days). But my favorite classes were always Biology and it’s subclasses. I love science and I love animals. That pretty much equals biology.

If I won a lot of money, what would I buy first? Irresponsible, I know, but I would buy a pet bison. For some reason I have dreams of owning a rideable bison that I take out on journeys across the plains. And this isn’t far fetched. Just look up Guy On A Buffalo on YouTube. I aspire to be just like him.

Favorite Book: I hate this question because I have so many. Of course I will always love the Harry Potter Books as well as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But for a long time my favorite book has been The Alienist by Caleb Carr. I first read it in high school and I’d never felt so awed and terrified in my entire life. I’ve re-read it many times and still find myself gripped in the powerful and clever plot. I’m currently reading The Stand by Stephen King, and there’s a chance that it might take over the number one slot. Or at least tie for first. Still too early to tell.